Live Your Tiny House Dream!

...with a Georgia based tiny house builder who does it right.

Lighthouse Tiny Homes is a tiny house builder in Georgia offering full tiny house builds, tiny house shells, tiny house steel frames and kits, custom tiny house trailers and help for the DIY tiny house builder. From La Grange, GA, we are able to serve the entire USA. Our tiny homes are built with the highest quality CAD engineered steel frames that are up to 25x stronger and up to 60% lighter than wood.
Mounted to a permanent custom tiny house trailer foundation ensures your tiny house build is safer and stronger to weather the elements, or the road. Add to that, our high-end craftsmanship and top quality finishes and you have a beautiful home, that feels like a home, and, will last a lifetime. Get a complete tiny house build, a tiny house trailer, a DIY tiny house Shell or a DIY steel frame kit from Lighthouse Tiny Homes and start living large in a tiny house!

3 Steps To Tiny House Living

Steel Frame Tiny Homes Are Better

Tiny House Steel Frames & Trailer Kits

Lighthouse Tiny Homes builds exclusively with CAD engineered, cold-rolled steel frames from Volstrukt Agile Framing Systems.

Steel framed tiny houses will be lighter, stronger, more fire resistant and last longer than homes built with wood frames.
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