Tiny House FAQs

Lighthouse Tiny Homes in Georgia is here to help you with your tiny house build. DIY or total build, we want to help.

Have a look at our FAQs below. If you need more information or just have a question you don't see here, feel free to contact us!

Lighthouse Tiny Homes FAQs

1Why steel frames for my tiny house instead of wood?
Our steel frames from Volstruct are engineered from cad designed, high strength, cold rolled steel. The leader in tiny house steel frames. Steel frames with screws instead of wood and nails not only make your tiny home up to 25 times stronger, but also make it up to 70% lighter than wood framing. In addition, steel framing is engineered; straight, square, stable and precise without water absorption, warping and twisting. Steel frame production generates 2% scrap, which is 100% recyclable, indefinitely. Also, steel does not support mold growth, rot or termites, has no chemicals and does not emit gases or VOC's
2Are Lighthouse Tiny Homes Certified
YES! Lighthouse is a members of both Bildsworth International. This organization inspects every home we build in progressive milestones. Without passing one inspection, we cannot proceed to the next. These standards incorporate nationally recognized safety, construction & energy efficiency standards currently used by the Home Building & RV industries: NFPA - National Fire Protection Association NEC - National Electrical Code IRC - International Residential Code; Appendix Q NHTSA - National Highway & Transportation Safety Association (for Tiny Houses on Wheels) Every home we build has the certification seal that leads to better financing and insurance.


We Build it...You Enjoy It.

Based on your budget we can design and build your new tiny home. We have a variety of models, features and options along with finance and insurance recommendations to help you realize your tiny house dream. Whether you want a total build or a DIY frame kit or tiny house trailer, we are here to help you go tiny!

Steel Framed Tiny House from Lighthouse Tiny Homes

Your tiny house dream project is our dream too!

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