Tiny House Steel Frames

The Best Way To Frame Your Tiny House Dream!


Our tiny house steel frames are engineered from cad designed, heavy gauge cold rolled steel from the leader in tiny house steel frames. Steel frames with screws instead of wood and nails not only make your tiny home up to 25 times stronger, but also make it up to 60% lighter than wood framing, they are greener being 100% recyclable and being steel are far more fire resistant than wood. Our steel frame kits come to you panelized (not as individual studs), each pre-assembled panel is numbered and comes with clear instructions and CAD drawings for assembly. This dramatically reduces the time to build. All while making sure your dream tiny home is built strong enough to outlast your lifetime. We rely solely upon our partner Volstrukt to build the best steel frame in the business. When you order a tiny house steel frame kit from Lighthouse Tiny Homes, we make sure that whether you buy a pre-designed steel frame kit or a custom design we make together, that your steel frame kit arrives ready to go.

If you purchase a kit with one of our custom tiny house trailers, rest assured it is designed and built just for your purpose and design. Our custom tiny house trailers are always purpose built to specs for each client and loaded with everything you need to get started when it arrives. There is simply the highest quality tiny house steel frames and tiny house trailers available anywhere.

We have pre-designed kits and can produce custom designs according to your needs. Find out how easy it is to build you own tiny house and start enjoying the tiny living lifestyle!

Customized DIY Tiny House Frames...Built To Length

Want a longer frame? Say a 36 foot tiny home frame, or a shorter 16 foot frame? Lighthouse Tiny Homes in Georgia can make it happen!

Fast Delivery - No Long Waiting Period To Receive

As a tiny house builder in Georgia, we can offer fast delivery of your tiny house steel frame loaded on to your custom tiny house trailer with all steel frame panels, hardware and fasteners available for pickup or delivery.

Tiny House Steel Frame Kits and Trailers from Lighthouse Tiny Homes

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A better tiny house steel frame that puts time back in your build.

Your tiny house steel frame is CAD designed and engineered to last a lifetime. Choose our lightweight steel structural frame from our range of tiny home designs in a variety of sizes and configurations.

We produce and panelize the steel ready to erect on your trailer to create your tiny home structure. Your panels will arrive strong, straight, and labelled. The frames come with pre-punched service holes and plastic grommets to make them easy for you or your sub-trades to work with.

Steel Frame Kit Models

Tiny house steel frame kits from Lighthouse Tiny Homes are available for a variety of purposes. Tiny Home, Mobile Office, Mobile Retail, Camping & More!

PLEASE NOTE: The factory renderings shown are for descriptive purposes only. These give you some idea of a finished home and what it may look like. Kits ship as shown. Materials you choose for finishing such as siding, veneers, roofing, etc. are not included in the kit.

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Tiny House Trailers

Custom Tiny House Trailers from Lighthouse Tiny Homes

Tiny House Trailers. The Perfect Foundation

Since the foundation of your tiny house is the most important structural element of your DIY tiny house build, we start with a custom designed steel frame foundation built to last a lifetime. Our tiny house trailer design covers thermal bridging, and has a heavy gauge perimeter sill plate to maximize the width of your frame. Two square tube steel runs ensure strength and integrity with boxed square tube steel cross members serving as floor joist every 16" on center. Adjustable tongue, corners jacks for stabilization and heavy duty hitch complete the permanent steel foundation for your home. Our tiny house trailer are built for one purpose...your tiny home.  

Tiny House Builds

The Augustine Tiny House Steel Frame Kit from Lighthouse Tiny Homes

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