Why Steel Frames

Tiny House Steel Frames & Trailers Are Better

Why Our Steel Frames Are Better!

At Lighthouse Tiny Homes, we make sure your tiny house steel frame kit is manufactured according to the dimensions you need. Available in a variety of sizes, these engineered steel frames are the finest available.

Steel Frames Are Better

Our steel frames from Volstruct are engineered from cad designed, high strength, cold rolled steel. The leader in tiny house steel frames. Steel frames with screws instead of wood and nails not only make your tiny home up to 25 times stronger, but also make it up to 60% lighter than wood framing. In addition, steel is 100% recyclable, does not support mold growth, emits no VOCs and by virtue of the materials used, consumes less from our environment. To make sure your order tiny house is ready to go, we make sure your custom tiny house trailer is built to specs and loaded with everything you need to assemble. This dramatically reduces the time to build. All while making sure your dream tiny home is built strong enough to outlast your lifetime. These are the highest quality tiny house steel frames and tiny house trailers available.

Tiny House Trailers. The Perfect Foundation

Since the foundation of your tiny house is the most important structural element of your DIY tiny house build, we start with a custom designed steel frame foundation built to last a lifetime. Our tiny house trailer design covers thermal bridging, and has a heavy gauge perimeter sill plate to maximize the width of your frame. Two square tube steel runs ensure strength and integrity with boxed frame square tube steel cross members serving as floor joist every 16" on center. Adjustable tongue, corners jacks for stabilization and heavy duty hitch complete the permanent steel foundation for your home. Our tiny house trailer are built for one purpose...your tiny home.

Lighthouse Tiny Homes is proud to be part of the tiny house movement.


Lighthouse Tiny Homes provides the country’s leading lightweight steel framing for the tiny house movement. We supply computer designed and manufactured tiny home kits to do-it-yourselfers and use them in all our Tiny House Builds. As a tiny house builder in Georgia, we know there is no better frame for a tiny house than the steel frames we provide.

Steel Frame on Tiny house Trailer

Need a tiny house steel frame kit for your dream project?

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